Partners and Donors

Cultivating and sustaining relationships with our stakeholders is at the core of our strategic priority.

MSIE works in collaboration with governments, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), donor agencies and private institutions to advance access and choice in family planning and reproductive health services, strengthen local health systems and ultimately contribute to the overall health goals of the Government of Ethiopia.

We thank the Government of Ethiopia, our implementing partners and donors for making MSIE its partner of choice for the past 22 years.

  • Government of Ethiopia
  • Department for International Development
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
  • Large Anonymous Donors  
  • SAVE the Children
  • CARE
  • Pathfinder – Integrated Family Health Program
  • Packard

MSIE has close ties with the MoH and regional health authorities and will continue to align its work with national RH priorities.  MSIE will prioritise collaboration with other actors and ensure that services provided are complementary and orchestrated to best harness each agency’s area of expertise and to efficiently address the wide-ranging RH needs in Ethiopia.  In so doing, MSIE will work to expand the market for family planning and safe abortion, offering increasing access and continually improving quality.