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Blue Loan financing scheme

Marie Stopes International Ethiopia (MSIE) has worked in close collaboration with the private health sector in Ethiopia since 2007. As the founder of the BlueStar Healthcare Network, MSIE has witnessed the huge contribution of the private sector to the Ethiopian health system. However, the private clinics are not without challenges. Striving to meet high quality standards and growing expectations of their clients, they are often constrained by lack of financial resources.
In response to this limitation, MSIE is launching the Blue Loan financing scheme. It is an innovative funding mechanism which provides access to credit for BlueStar member clinics. The financial resources provided by a Blue Loan shall be used to improve the quality of care that BlueStar members offer to their clients.
All interested and active BlueStar members that have been in the network for at least twelve months can apply to participate in the scheme by filling in and submitting the Blue Loan Application form until March 24, 2014.
Input the name of the applicant
Input the Id of the BlueStar clinic
How long have you been a member of BlueStar Healthcare network?
When was your BlueStar membership renewed for the last time?
Have you owned or rented the clinic premise ?
For which purpose will you use the loan (if granted)?
Loan purpose if other specify
How much does the above investment require?
Are you able to provide collateral if the bank requires it?
I the undersigned applicant certify that all the information furnished by me is true and I authorize MSIE to share the information I provided above to the lending bank if it requires so.