Our impact

MSIE’s reach and impact in Ethiopia has grown considerably in recent years, enabling us to have a large contribution to Ethiopia’s efforts to attain the Sustainable Development Goal (to improve child and maternal health) as well as other health targets of the Government of Ethiopia to improve the reproductive health of women through an increase in CPR, decrease in Total Fertility Rate (TFR), and decrease in incidence of unsafe abortions.

This rapid improvement is in large part attributable to the commitment of the Ethiopian government to expanding contraceptive use. Marie Stopes International Ethiopia (MSIE) has also played a critical role. Our work has focused on ensuring that this growth in contraceptive use is equitable, and leads to greater choice for women.

MSIE’s program impact include:

  • In 2016, MSIE delivered FP, safe abortion and maternal health services to approximately 353,985 clients through MSIE centers and reached the same number of clients through the social franchisee Blue Star Network.
  • In 2016, combining all service delivery channels MSIE generated over 1.09 million Couple Year Protection (CYPs) and averted more than 142,291 unsafe abortions and 1132 maternal deaths.
  • In addition, MSIE operates a helpline under the short code 8044 that receives more than 5642 phone calls per month, predominantly 79 % of callers young people [20-29 yrs old] who seek advice on FP, safe abortion and other topics surrounding their SRH.