Service Delivery Channels

  • 4 MCH Centers

 MSIE, through its four obstetric centers, monitors the health of women during their pregnancy and after they deliver their babies. MSIE’s work involves: Voluntary testing for STIs including HIV/AIDS; educating women about safe motherhood; prenatal and antenatal care, comprehensive obstetric care including management of complications and emergencies. Post-partum FP counselling and services are an integral part of the MCH services provided by MSIE which support women to plan and space their children’s births.  The four MCH centers collectively provide delivery service for an average of 570 women per month. With an aim to integrate FP to maternal and child health (MCH) services, the centers located in Addis Ababa, Adama and Bahir Dar offer comprehensive obstetric care and other MCH services.

  •  20 networked clinics

 MSIE has a clinic network of 20 facilities that provide comprehensive SRH services including comprehensive FP method choice, safe abortion, antenatal and postnatal care, male circumcision, PMTCT as well as HIV counselling and testing,  sexually transmitted infections (STI) and cervical cancer screening. These facilities also serve as centres of excellence for training and referral.  MSIE’s centers are found in most Ethiopian urban areas, with five centers in Addis Ababa alone.

  •  554 BlueStar/Social Franchising

 Since 2008, MSIE has supported BlueStar clinics in the delivery of HIV/STI, Family Planning and safe abortion services. The BlueStar network, MSIE’s brand of social franchise model, is the cornerstone of MSIE’s strategy to expand access and provide choice while utilizing existing resources, providers and infrastructure. Under the BlueStar network, MSIE partners with 554 social franchisee member clinics located throughout Ethiopia[TC1] , in a bold move to rapidly scale up access to high-quality FP and SRH services through the private sector. Social franchising, a service delivery mechanism, involves contracting existing private providers (franchisees) to provide a range of services.

 MSIE trains BlueStar providers on the delivery of SRH services, and provides supportive supervision and controls the quality of care at partner clinics.

 To enhance the private clinics contribution and impact to the overall health goals of the country, MSIE builds the capacity of the member clinics through training on a range of SRH services, provides them with high-quality medical supplies and monitors the adherence to MSIE’s clinical standards. In 2015, 44 % of Couple Year of Protection (CYP) is from social franchising BlueStar Clinics.

  •  304 Public Facilities Support
  •  425 WhiteStar/Social Marketing
  •  10 Mobile Unit/Outreach

 Through its ten mobile units, MSIE supports the delivery of long-acting and permanent methods of FP, including intrauterine devices, implants, voluntary female sterilization and male vasectomies through government health centers in underserved or hard to reach areas.

  Mobile outreach teams increase access to contraceptive methods in remote communities by giving women a full range of FP choice, including long-acting and permanent methods, which are preferred by many women in rural settings. The teams also make arrangements with local healthcare providers for follow up care for any clients experiencing concerns or complications after our team has left.

  •  18 Fit for Work

 Fit  for  Work  is  a  program  designed  and  implemented  by  MSIE  which  provides  quality integrated sexual and reproductive health services  within the workplace, which in turn will improve staff wellbeing, reduce absenteeism due to unplanned pregnancies and boost  workplace  profit margins, since May, 2012. The workplace has to have at least 1,000 employees and out of which more than 70% are female and whose age are in the reproductive age group and willingness and cooperativeness of the Management Team in the workplace. The workplace has its own Clinic / Nearby BlueStar Clinic.

 MSIE has partnered with Ethiopian Horticultural Producers Export Association (EHPEA) and some members of the Association have already realized positive outcomes from the partnership.

 MSE is one of the leading providers of sexual and reproductive healthcare services in the country. Every day women and men come to our network of clinics for information, counseling and quality healthcare.  MSIE is committed to providing all the help our clients need to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health. We ensure that our centres are conveniently located, safe, friendly and comfortable places to visit and seek care.

Our services include:

  • Prenatal & Postnatal services
  • MCH Services
  • Integrated Family Planning (Short term, Long term & Permanent) & Reproductive Health Services
  • Safe abortion information and advice
  • Post abortion care
  •  Pap Smear
  • Male circumcision – child and adult
  • HIV/STI voluntary counseling and testing
  • Ambulance Service
  • Call Center
  • Referal
  • Training & Research