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Marie Stopes International’s programme became operational in Ethiopia following a bilateral agreement signed with the Ministry of Health in May ,1990.  The first clinic was opened at Arada, Addis Ababa, in August, 1990.  In the last quarter of 1994, three additional clinics, two in Addis Ababa (Kirkos and Tekle Haymanot ) and  the other  in Dire- Dawa became functional.  In 1998, four more clinics in Hawassa, Bahir Dar, Jimma , Shashemane and seven new clinics became operational in seven towns in 2002/2003 . An obstetrics centre and some more clinics were opened in Addis Ababa In 2004 and 2005. In 2008, three new clinics were operational in the towns of Dilla, Hossana and A/Minch. Gradually the number of clinics establishment has increased, recently their numbers reach to thirty one.

The clinics provide a wide range of reproductive health care including family planning, information, counseling, comprehensive abortion care, gynecological consultations, child health care, diagnosis and treatment of Sexaully Transmitted Infections (STIs) and other laboratory services.

USAID/TransAction Consortium Program

The USAID|TransACTION Prevention, Care and support Services for at Risk Mobile Populations is a five-years (May 2009-April 2014) planned program funded by USAID. The program mainly targets most at risk population (MARP) groups in selected towns of high risk corridors aiming at preventing new HIV as well as other STI infections and providing comprehensive prevention, care and support services for the targeted groups.

Marie Stopes International Ethiopia takes the lead and coordination role of the supply side of the clinical service delivery, one of the strategies of expanding access to quality HCT and STI diagnosis and treatment services for these MARP groups, by creating or establishing a network within the TransACTION program partners and the private health facilities (including both clinics and drug retail outlets) in the targeted towns.

In its efforts to create and increase access of HIV and STI services Marie Stopes International has so far mapped and assessed private health facilities (clinics and Drug retail outlets) in 120 towns located on the major transport routes of the country, identified as high risk corridors for the transmission of HIV and STI.  A minimum of one clinic and one pharmacy have been identified and networked in each town. To date a total of 240 Private Health Facilities (PHFs) have been networked and have initiated providing the service to address the most at risk population after being provided with the appropriate training and job aids.

Trainings on HCT-PITC and Sydromic Management of STI has been provided to health care providers of each clinic, laboratory technicians of each clinic have been provided with training on Rapid HIV testing and Pharmacy Professionals on Syndromic Management of STI.  A total of 780 health care providers from the networked 137 private clinics and 103 pharmacies’ have been trained.

In this fiscal year alone, a total of 55463 MARPs have been reached for HIV counsel ling and testing by networked private clinics.  Moreover, a total of 8178 MARPS have been diagnosed and treated for STI using the syndromic management approach

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