Safe Abortion & Family Planning

Abortion (up to 20 weeks) is your legal right. Be sure to choose a safe, legal provider.

The liberalization of the abortion laws in Ethiopia (May 2005) followed by the issuance of the Technical and Procedural Guidelines in June 2006 provided an opportunity to dramatically improve the RH and wellbeing of Ethiopian women. To greatly expand women’s choices for safe abortion, MSIE promotes medical abortion in addition to surgical services (MVA) through a variety of service delivery mechanisms. MSIE integrates medical abortion alongside MVA at each clinic utilizing an integration protocol that has already been successfully piloted in MSIE’s Addis clinics.

Once medical abortion is established in the MSIE clinics, it will be rolled out via rural mobile outreach and the MSIE social franchise network.  Medical abortion can be offered via social marketing in collaboration with other partners .To expand women’s choices of family planning a full method mix will be offered at all MSIE outlets, supported by high quality FP counseling.

MSIE has almost a couple of two decades years of experience in providing safe abortion and FP in Ethiopia using a proven model of service delivery.  MSIE is positioned to implement a nationwide expansion of operations, play an innovative and catalytic role in the RH market and dramatically improve the RH of women in Ethiopia.  MSIE significantly increases access to and use of quality Safe abortion and FP, and work closely with strategic partners to ensure that all RH service provision in Ethiopia is of a universally high standard.

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