Workplace (Fit Work)

Fit Work is programmatic intervention that implemented on working areas such as office, factory, farm and others. It needs health and productive manpower, suitable environment and productivity to maintain sustainability. In most of workplaces, employees have low literacy skill, migrating from rural and semi-rural part of the country, have no access to information on family planning option and services, and have limited income and saving and cannot afford the cost of services, which contributed to unplanned pregnancy, unsafe sex practices and use of illegal and dangerous abortion clinics which leads to high attrition rate of the employees and drop of performance of the workplace.

Fit for work is a part of MSIE program that consists a group of experienced health professionals (MD/HO, 2 nurses & driver) working on sexual productive health and can provides the expertise, skills and know how to assist workplace to provide quality integrated sexual and reproductive health services in workplace that improves employee retention and less employee absenteeism and which leads to improved performance results and profit. So our workplace program “Fit for Work” program continues to work together with different employers to benefit the employees and employers.

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Workplace (Fit Work) case studies: